500 Eagle Scout Leadership Project Ideas

500 Eagle Scout Leadership Project Ideas
While in a Troop overseas, we were preparing to have our first Eagle Scouts in several years. My Asst. Scoutmaster, Capt. Victor Organ, did a search of the web looking for Eagle project ideas to show the boys that an Eagle Project didn't have to be rocket science. Listed below are 500 different Eagle projects that were accomplished and approved at various Councils across the United States.

1. Built Log sign directing and welcoming people to Elk Ridge in Loafer Canyon
2. Organized managed and actively participated in preparing large areas at Orem Junior High for the laying of sod &arranging for its arrival and aiding in the actual laying of the sod
3. Arranged for the purchase of a flag pole and materials for its installation at Manila State Park Earned funds for purchase of a quality flag and organized a dedication ceremony
4. Rebuilt and repainted the "M" on the Hills north of Moroni
5. Painted the curbs red at School crossings and around fire hydrants in Moroni
6. Organized a summer project with the US Forest Service to repair livestock fences in the Payson Lake area
7. Made puzzle Boards for the first grade classes at Canyon Crest Elementary School
8. Donation drive and work project to make lapboards for the Woman's and Children's Crisis Center
9. Cut one mile of new trail for the Great Western Trail
10. Video documented personal belongings for insurance purposes of neighbors
11. Solicited donations for a garage sale to raise money for medical supplies for a medical clinic in California
12. Lead a group of Scouts, in conjunction with the US Forest Service, to help with the construction and development of a new water line for Cascade Springs
13. Collected Shoes for the disadvantages There were pairs of shoes collected
14. Repaired and cleaned playground equipment at Canyon Glen Park
15. Gathered donations of toys and books, refurbishing them and giving them to Geneva Elementary's Kindergarten classes
16. Worked with local police department to set up a neighborhood watch program to include signs
17. Sponsored a food drive and served breakfast homeless people
18. Collected coats and clothing for the needy to be distributed by the Community Shelter
19. Earned money to purchase materials and supervised construction of lap board art kits for Canyon Crest School
20. Built road barricades for the Heber Ranger District
21. Made up identification cards for children eleven and under The card provided a picture, fingerprint and personal information
22. Cleaned graffiti from several road overpasses in the Provo River bottoms area
23. Collected donated materials and fabricated a resting bench on the Provo bike and jogging trail
24. Reseeded the grass at the Fairview ball park
25. Collected clothing, sleeping bags, personal hygiene items and coats for the Homeless Shelter
26. Engraved personal possessions with owners' social security number for theft protection throughout a large neighborhood
27. Conducted a food drive for the Utah County Food and Shelter Coalition
28. Designed, built and installed a cabinet for a sink at the Fairview Recreation Food Booth
29. Raised money for medical supplies for the Primary Children's Hospital
30. Obtained bids for materials for, feet of five-foot chain link fence, procuring help and installing the fence around the Spring City Elementary School
31. Cut down a small dead tree, cut it up and provide the wood for a handicapped man for fire wood Also planted several trees at Fairfield Cemetery
32. Collected toys, Spanish reading materials and school supplies for a free clinic in California
33. Compiled math manipulation kits for all the K- teachers in the South Sanpete School District
34. Compiled a drive to raise money to buy materials to make building blocks for children at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
35. Cleaned up and repaired equipment at some of the picnic pavilions in Hobble Creek Canyon
36. Food drive for a homeless center
37. Parking cars and clean-up for the Art City Days Bluegrass concert and the Army Band conceit
38. Restored a Daughters of Utah Pioneers monument commemorating the first building constructed in Alpine
39. Cleaned and repaired barbecues at the stake park
40. Cleaned and built storage facilities for an LDS Stake Center
41. Repaired basketball standards at Brookside Elementary
42. Organized and cleaned up Nunn's Park in Provo Canyon
43. Raised funds and built cedar grow boxes for the American Fork Development School
44. Obtained funding, planned and planted trees in a formerly treeless city park
45. Cleaning and planting flowers and grass and put-up "No Trespassing" signs at Academy Square
46. Painted the bridges on the Provo River Trail
47. Organized and completed a Service project for the Hopi Indians
48. Clearing and leveling the ground and laying sod for local LDS ward House
49. Planning and organizing a free basketball camp for boys, ages ten to twelve (I -)
50. Designed and built a toy box, and gathered toys for an LDS ward nursery
51. Covered the water line at Cascade Springs to provide water and electricity for the Visitors Center
52. Organized and painted parking space lines and traffic flow markings for Meridian School
53. Organized his troop to extend the Great Western Trail
54. Painted buildings at Highland City park
55. Cleaned, polished and repaired all the sacrament trays for three Mapleton LDS Church Buildings
56. Built and installed two bike racks at the Stake Center, and conducted a bike safety and registration program for scouts and young women
57. Helped the Forest Service build a handicap rail around Maple lake and build fences across tails that are restricted
58. Built a handicap trail from a parking area to Maple Lake in Payson Canyon
59. Planted flowers and shrubs in a planter box at the Elementary School
60. Built a catchment basin for a natural spring and piped the water, feet down a gully northeast of Ephraim to supply water to wildlife
61. Project Identification in conjunction with law enforcement to help deter theft by engraving drivers license numbers on personal items such as stereo equipment, televisions, video players, microwave ovens and bicycles
62. Set up lodge poles and built a frame to hold a water trough then ran a pipe, feet up the gully to receive spring water for wildlife
63. Built and installed a "Happy Holiday" banner for the Moroni mini-park
64. Conducted a food drive in connection with the Community Action Center in Provo
65. Organized the repair and painting of barricades used to help control traffic during the Mormon Miracle Pageant
66. Constructed a rock faced fountain for the Spring City Ball Park
67. Arranged for a Bike Safety Day at the Elementary School which included guest speakers, a safety film, obstacle course, instructions, bike repairs, and application of reflector tapes and demonstrations
68. Conducted a survey of trees planned by the founder of Spring City for the Historical Society
69. Worked with the Orem City Fire Department to survey residents about their home fire safety and provided smoke detectors to those in need
70. Constructed slate boards and prepared various learning aids which were used in teaching English as a second language to students in Outer Mongolia
71. Cleared out rocks and trees from a rock slide in American Fork Canyon so a picnic area can be used again
72. Gathered used eye glasses, cleaned them and organized them by prescription for use in Mexico and Latin America
73. Organized an organ donor campaign, providing literature and cards for community members to fill out Conducted information seminars for interested people explaining the benefits of donating organs
74. Collected white Sunday shirts for the poor in South America
75. Gathered quilting materials and organized his troop to hand tie five quilts for the homeless shelter
76. Built fences for the Forest Service to control access to restricted areas
77. Organized and planted trees on Forest Service land
78. Made portable toy cabinets with rollers for the church nursery
79. Repaired and cleaned five miles of trail for the Forest Service
80. Constructed coat hangers and installed them at levels that little children could hang coats up
81. Organized and built birdhouses for wildlife purposes in coordination with the Forest Service
82. Installed chain link fence for church
83. Put house numbers addresses on curbs to aid firemen, police, and others that locate residents in emergencies
84. Painted basketball court lines and borders at a local school
85. Repaired and painted tennis court at high school
86. Cleaned up and repaired historical cemetery
87. Constructed large bike rack at school
88. Made video stories for the deaf
89. Gathered up, repaired and rebound books and hymn books from multiple church libraries
90. Put popular children's book stories on audio cassettes for use by the blind
91. Designed and built two sets of quilt frames for local church
92. Repaired and repainted bleachers at the park
93. Stripped, cleaned and painted city fire hydrants
94. Constructed picnic shelter for a local park
95. Worked with public library sorting and repairing books
96. Built a bridge over a wide irrigation ditch for school children to safely cross a dangerous area
97. Repaired and painted multiple toilets for the Forest Service
98. Built handicap access ramps for local church building
99. Organized troop conservation project with the Forest Service by placing rocks to prevent stream bank erosion
100. Gathered toys, candy, clothes and prepared personal hygiene packets for the homeless shelter
101. Repaired and renovated bathroom facilities at Boy's Club
102. Sanded and refinished chairs for church
103. Planted ponderosa pine and supervised clean up of campground in Spanish Fork Canyon
104. Placed warning reflectors around school and church
105. Constructed and installed scoreboard at park
106. Painted railings at county rodeo grounds
107. Designed and constructed computer covers for school computers
108. Constructed electronic devices for the handicapped
109. Organized program with emergency preparedness people to secure hot water heaters and prevent them from tipping over in case of earthquake
110. Painted hopscotch patterns at the elementary school playground and at the city park
111. Planned and constructed jungle-gym at an elementary school
112. Cleared, cleaned removed rocks and weeds and leveled a vacant lot in order to have a baseball field
113. Cleaned up the circumference
114. Adopted a highway and kept it clean for three months
115. Laid sod at a correctional facility
116. Made gas meter shutoff wrenches and distributed them to the homes in his neighborhood
117. Made wooden puzzles of Utah State Counties for an elementary school
118. Made benches for the city cemetery
119. Seeded part of a Mountainside which has been burned to prevent erosion
120. Planned, organized and painted "NO PARKING" zones at the city park
121. Put roof on the new concessions building at the city park
122. Installed speaker system for the high school baseball field
123. Cut, sanded and made blocks and sticks for the music department of the elementary school
124. Painted a section of curb red around a city park to discourage parking and improve safety
125. Conducted a toy and clothing drive for the new day care center at the local hospital
126. Organized a bicycle safety campaigns Trained fellow Scouts as inspectors and judges Ran a bicycle rodeo that included a bicycle safety check and a contest promoting safe riding
127. Trained fellow students as audiovisual aides for their school Arranged for more than hours of audiovisual work
128. Set up a used toy collection and repair service within the Troop Gave the toys to a school for handicapped children
129. Prepared plans for a footbridge on a trail in a national forest Worked with rangers to learn the skills necessary to build the structure Gathered materials and tools, then directed a Scout work group to do the construction The Eagle candidate planned, lined up the need help, and led the project to its completion
130. Made trays to fasten to wheelchairs for disabled veterans in a VA hospital
131. Collected used books and distributed them to people in town who wanted and needed, but couldn't afford them
132. Put a sturdy footbridge across a brook to make a safe shortcut for children between their homes and school
133. Collected and repaired toys and gave them to a home for handicapped children
134. Organized and ran a bicycle safety campaign This involved a written safety test, equipment safety checking, and a skill contest in a bike rodeo
135. Surveyed the remains of an old Spanish mission and prepared an accurate map relating it to the present church
136. Built a "tot lot" in a big city neighborhood and set up a schedule for Boy Scouts to run it
137. Set up a community study center for kids with no place at home to do schoolwork
138. Organize Scouts to clean, refurbish, repair, and create and build new useful creative teaching toys for the children in the Church Nursery
139. Used fellow Scouts to collect pairs of eyeglasses They were cleaned, repaired, wrapped, and boxed Then with the help of a Dr, the prescriptions were verified, sorted into men's and women's, bags were labeled, packed, and given to Utah Volunteer Optometrists (UVO) to take to the needy in Mexico
140. Organize fellow Scouts to hold an Emergency Preparedness Fair to teach neighborhoods about hour preparedness with water, food, heat, shelter, and first aid Set up displays and provide handouts to help everyone get prepared in an emergency
141. Obtained materials and provided manpower and instruction to construct 'body boards' for the Community Emergency Preparedness Van to use in case of a disaster or an emergency
142. Organized resources and directed several boys to refurbish an old cemetery by uncovering monuments and doing brick work Then research was done on unmarked graves and cement was poured to secure newly made markers of wood He arranged for all other marked graves to be cleaned as well great follow through and leadership
143. Organized and taught nine boys plus adult leaders to construct and sand and paint five picnic tables for a campsite provided by the Forest Service A lot of time was out in to also bolt and secure them to the around so they could be used for the summer
144. Collect and repair toys for Church nursery
145. Build and install basketball standard at church or park
146. Construct, paint, and install picnic tables
147. Strip, clean, and repair city fire hydrants
148. Fingerprint youth for community
149. Construct lap boards for library
150. Erosion control for the Forest Service
151. Repair campsites for the Forest Service
152. Repair and paint playground equipment
153. Plant trees for the Forest Service
154. Construct and install scoreboard at a park
155. Repair and clean historical cemetery
156. Work on the Great Western Trail
157. Build birdhouses for wildlife
158. Build easels or bulletin boards for a church
159. Build, paint and install benches for city or church
160. Build handicap ramp for a church or public building
161. Build large bike racks for school / church
162. Repair blackboards for a school or church
163. Make toys for the American Fork Training School
164. Repair items at the American Fork Training School
165. Clean and repair hiking trails for the Forest Service
166. Clean and repair campsites for the Forest Service
167. Assemble and install playground equipment for school city
168. Install drinking, fountain at parks etc
169. Tape stories for the blind
170. Landscape church grounds
171. Collect food and clothing for the homeless
172. Collect books for the school or public library
173. Plant deer browse for the Forest Service
174. Reseed burned out areas for Forest Service
175. Collect eyeglasses for Mexico / clean and repair and box
176. Collect books for hospitals, homeless, or training school
177. Collect toys for the hospital or church or handicapped school
178. Put up flag poles and flags for school or church
179. Make quilts for children's hospital
180. Construct and install signs for the city or town
181. Collect books and magazines for prison
182. Collections for the American Indian Service
183. Organize and carry out a bicycle safety campaign
184. Clean flower vases for a cemetery
185. Install handicap cement walk
186. Paint over graffiti with an anti-graffiti education campaign
187. Repair and painting of walls for an organization
188. Install sprinklers for an organization
189. Clean and fix a community barbecue/park area
190. Clean and paint playground equipment
191. Canned food drive for homeless shelter
192. Weeding, lawn maintenance, plant/flower planting (church, school, etc.)
193. Collecting books for Jamison Center
194. Make voting booth
195. Fingerprint and video tape children for ID
196. Make playground for orphans
197. Clean up pond or lake
198. Rebuild shelters at zoo
199. Collect eyeglasses from mortuaries and donate to needy
200. Catalogue cemetery gravestones and make a map
201. Repaint bleachers
202. Toy drive for foster children and orphans
203. Cut down dead trees for widows' firewood
204. Fill sand bags for flood protection
205. Build boat dock
206. Build benches along nature trail
207. Door-to-door clothing drive
208. Repair and clean cemetery headstones
209. Remove and replace dead trees along road
210. Install benches for school with backs and feet rests. As well as silkscreen money donors names and organizations into benches plus your name and eagle rank.
211. Install preformed pond with a fountain, and a light
212. Hold a Flag Drive and a public flag-retirement ceremony
213. Build a float dock
214. Build a garden path walkway and benches at senior citizen center
215. Help fire Marshall install and check smoke alarms
216. Collect supplies for natural disaster relief
217. Recycle Christmas trees for mulch for parks
218. Make a bike trail
219. Restore a Historical landmark
220. Conduct a Coat drive
221. Restore a fences around a park
222. Conduct a bike safety rodeo
223. Conduct a food drive for the needy and arrange distribution
224. Build a nature trail in a city park
225. Blood drive
226. Toy drive
227. Conduct a book fare for a church bookstore
228. Make knot boards for a fire department or rescue team and describe what the purpose of each knot is
229. Fix a local baseball park's fields and concession stands
230. Play instruments for a nursing home
231. Paint a local police substation
232. Make a community web page for new community laws and ordinances. See also this page
233. Sand and stain bleachers at community ball field
234. Collect blankets for the homeless shelter.
235. Build playground equipment for abuse shelter
236. Clear non-native plants and plant oak trees
237. Build wheel-chair accessible picnic tables at occupational rehab center at hospital
238. A 200 sq. ft. garden area created and planted. This involved clearing the area of weeds and rocks, preparing the soil, installing brick edges and paths, planting various shrubs and flowers and covering the exposed dirt with bark.
239. A 215-ft. section of the Homestead Trail connecting the Homestead Footbridge to the Ridgeway Street play lot was improved. Improvements consisted of installing rock steps and a new switchback to decrease the steepness of the trail and installing water bars to decrease erosion. Trees were also trimmed to give better clearance. A 150-ft. section of the trail was closed.
240. A 272-foot extension was built to the walking trail along the east side of Rover Park. The project included leveling the trail, installing weed barrier and filling the trail with wood chips. A wood barrier was installed parallel to the path.
241. A 30-foot flagpole was erected with the base set in concrete. Three metal-frame picnic tables had the wood tops and benches removed, replace with new wood and the food finished. The old wood was taken to the dump.
242. A bake sale was conducted to raise money for the materials used to build two rolling carts for sewing machines.
243. A cross-country track was designed, sited and built in a wooded area behind the Middle School. This involved clearing, leveling and packing the trail plus making and installing ten signs that helped direct users along the trail. The track team and gym classes will use the track.
244. A half-mile section of an old road was closed by dragging dead and down logs and brush onto it to prevent further use and control erosion.
245. A hill in front of the school was terraced using railroad ties to form a triangular shaped garden about 33' by 24' high. Additional soil was added and the area rotor tilled. The garden was constructed in memory of a former school secretary.
246. A Nature Trail at Pinon Park was designed and constructed. Vandalism caused the original trail to be redesigned. A map and key was made and distributed to organizations.
247. A path 192-feet-long was prepared and filled with pea gravel. The path was rerouted to make it more useable. The path ended at a playground where a bench was installed.
248. A shelter and bench was built at White Rock's Grand Canyon Park. General cleanup of the park and painting of existing items at the park was performed.
249. A sprinkler system (approximately 80 linear feet) was installed that consist of three sprinkler heads to water a portion of the lawn at the church.
250. A sprinkler system consisting of 25 sprinkler heads was installed to water three sections of the lawn at the United Church
251. A stone bench was built near the sidewalk on Canyon Road. The bench was installed by cutting appropriate flat areas into the rock hill and then a poured concrete seat and back was installed. Trash was picked up from the area and the area immediately adjacent to the bench landscaped.
252. A terrace was repaired and expanded to allow for additional flower gardens. Nine truckloads of rock were hauled from Rendija Canyon for the terrace. A sprinkler system was placed in the area created by the expanded terrace and the expanded area was filled with topsoil.
253. A trophy case was build and an existing trophy shelf was extended in the Band Room at Los Alamos High School
254. After the County dug a new trail path at Rover Park using heavy equipment, Scouts installed a weed barrier and filled the trail with wood chips. A small mound of dirt was placed on each side of the trail to keep the chips on the path.
255. An island in the parking lot was refurbished by removing gravel and replacing with river rock. A drainage ditch that was a potential erosion problem was made shallower and lined with river rock.
256. Build a 43-ft. long footbridge over a natural drainage ditch in Kinikinik Nature Park in Los Alamos
257. Build and repaired playground equipment.
258. Built 6 backboards for the Red Cross and Ski Patrol.
259. Built a 16' long bridge connecting a trail that crossed the stream. Concrete footings were poured and the wooden bridge with handrails was constructed.
260. Built a 250-foot-long path from the end of a service road to the northeast cornor of Rover Park. He removed the sod and dirt and filled the path with bark mulch.
261. Built a 4 ft. wide by 137 ft. long path next to the parking and reinforced edges to prevent erosion.
262. Built a climber for the Aspen School playground.
263. Built a scaling wall for the school playground.
264. Built a sign and landscaped in front of Senior center at Fuller Lodge
265. Built a sign for Los Alamos Medical Center.
266. Built a trail (Camino Centro) connecting Camino Redondo and Camino Uva on North Mesa.
267. Built a trail about 100 yards long with a 23-foot-long bridge in the Arboretum, a Los Alamos Park behind the aquatic center.
268. Built a trash container for Los Alamos Family Council.
269. Built a volleyball court at Rover Park. This involved the building a wooden retaining wall from railroad ties around over half the court to prevent erosion.
270. Built an exercise trail for the Coyote Elementary School in Coyote, NM. Staked secondary loop and lined with rocks and/or wood.
271. Built and installed coat and boot rack and built a rabbit cage.
272. Built and revegetated first mile of 3.5 mi. trail along Burnt Mesa Road in Bandolier National Monument including installation of about forty water bars.
273. Built fence for the AAUW play school.
274. Built 'Monkey Bars' for playground. Conducted a bake sale to raised money for materials
275. Built pits under playground equipment. Lined pits with weed barrier and filled pits with pea gravel.
276. Built play equipment for Ark day care center.
277. Built playground equipment for the YMCA Latch Key program. Equipment included a sandbox, two tables and a climbing device. A fence was built around the play area.
278. Built steps at the Paul Spirio Soccer complex.
279. Built storage shelves for the Council on Alcoholism.
280. Built three new hearths at the group campground using cement and rock from the Chaco Canyon quarry.
281. Built two 5' x 5' decks attached by a "sky ride". One of the decks had a slide attached. Covered ground under and around structure with sand and enclosed area with a wood border.
282. Built two bridges in the upper part of Frijoles canyon.
283. Built, painted and installed three 12 x 4 x 2 ft sections of shelving in a storage room.
284. Built, painted and installed three benches and five garbage cans at Rover Park
285. Cabinets 8' x 8' x 2' were built to store food for a program helping the needy in Northern New Mexico. The second part of the project was to install fencing to enclose a play lot.
286. Cemented posts in ground and assembled equipment. Spread cushioning material under the installed equipment.
287. Cleaned and lined ~310 ft. of ditch with plastic and covered with 18 tons of rock.
288. Cleaned and outlined the Quemazon Nature Trail with rocks and logs. Replaced and painted trail markers.
289. Cleaned debris from spillway, painted picnic tables and did roadwork on road to the Los Alamos Reservoir
290. Cleaned out and lined drainage ditch and built a bridge over the ditch.
291. Cleaned out the storage area and built shelving to allow better utilization of the storage area and better access to the stored items.
292. Cleaned surface of parking lot, painted white parking lines and yellow termination islands.
293. Cleaned two lots at the church. One lot was then covered with gravel and the other covered with sod.; installed a sprinkler system.
294. Cleaned up the area and make and installed the new "White Rock" sign.
295. Cleared a 2.5 mile section of trail along the Rio Grande from Frijoles to Lummis Canyons
296. Cleared area at church and planted grass.
297. Cleared areas of unwanted trees and trash pickup.
298. Cleared Guaje Mountain, Longs Canyon, Guaje Canyon, and Guaje Ridge Trails
299. Cleared tinder and trash near headquarters in preparation for a controlled burn
300. Cleared/stacked slash along upper Guaje Road.
301. Collected 25 lbs. of seed from a variety of wild grasses and flowers in Bandolier for use in future revegitation projects.
302. Collected and delivered three tons of newspaper for recycling. Funds received were donated to the Senior Center to supply house cleaning services to senior citizens
303. Collected wild seeds and planted the seeds on a half-mile section of an old fire road built during the fighting of the La Mesa forest fire.
304. Collected, sorted and distributed 27 boxes of and several bags of clothing and toys to needy families, the Christian Concern Committee and El Mirador Home
305. Compiled a handbook of day hikes that was published by the Los Alamos County Parks and Recreation Department.
306. Completed a landscaping project of the Los Alamos YMCA
307. Completed construction of a maintenance building by installing an insulated ceiling, painting walls and ceiling and building and installing a workbench and shelving.
308. Completed trail to the Natural Arch in Rendija Canyon.
309. Constructed 2 pamphlet stands and a mailbox.
310. Constructed a booth, scheduled and managed sales during an Arts and Crafts Fair to raise funds for the Sheltered Workshop
311. Constructed a bridge across a streambed on the Devaney Trail that goes through Los Alamos Canyon west of the skating rink.
312. Constructed a fence and erected a flagpole.
313. Constructed a fence for the day care center.
314. Constructed a horseshoe court for the Retired Senior Volunteer program at Fuller Lodge
315. Constructed a rock entrance to a trail leading from the Kimberly Drive cul-de-sac. The rock wall entrance was about 3.5 feet high and extended about 12 feet down the path on both sides of the trail.
316. Constructed climbing equipment.
317. Constructed equipment.
318. Constructed five check dams for erosion and flood control on St. Peter's Dome road. Work involved digging trenches and piling rocks and dirt across arroyos.
319. Constructed playground equipment
320. Constructed shelves and cabinets for the primary children's organization of the church.
321. Constructed storage area in the attic of the Church.
322. Constructed therapeutic positioning equipment for multi-handicapped children.
323. Covered an 1100-foot long by 4-foot wide track with "grinding" (chopped asphalt removed from roads during resurfacing).
324. Covered a 75' long drainage ditch with weed barrier and lined it with 5 cu. yds. of river rock.
325. Created a trail from Sherwood to an existing trail, which leads to Grand Canyon. Repaired existing trail.
326. Created and blazed trail over Guaje Ridge to Guaje Reservoir. Trail now known as 'Mitchell Trail'
327. Cut and hauled 75 logs for seats for Bicentennial Project amphitheater.
328. Designed and build two lightweight portable bird enclosures for smaller birds.
329. Designed and built a playground climbing structure
330. Designed and built an 8 x 24 ft. modular flight cage. The cage could be shortened to sixteen or eight feet long depending on the need.
331. Designed and carried out a program to increase participation in local blood drives. Talked to clubs, service organizations and businesses about having their members participated. Established a traveling trophy for highest percent participation of members
332. Designed and constructed an outdoor table and benches for the Los Alamos Senior Center
333. Designed and constructed magazine rack and two book shelves
334. Designed and installed A PVC pipe sprinkler system was designed and installed at Rover Park in White Rock.
335. Designed and organized the landscaping in front of the Historical Museum. Original landscaping had been removed during renovations
336. Did ground work for IHM Catholic Church.
337. Did spring clean-up work at the Los Alamos LDS Church.
338. Did trail work on 2.5 miles of trails in Bandolier
339. Did winter car maintenance (tire changes, oil and filter changes, car washing and cleaning) for 10 older and retired people who were financially or physically unable to do it themselves.
340. Dug ditch and lined with cement for water drainage; removed stumps and repaired the entrance to Robinson Hall.
341. Dug footing and installed a concrete block retaining wall, then filled to form a ramp with a uniform slope.
342. Dug out old irrigation ditches in Frijoles Canyon which had filled with sand, rocks and burned debris as a result of the La Mesa fire
343. Established, cleared and marked Guaje Reservoir Trail from Guaje Ridge to Guaje Reservoir.
344. Established, cleared and marked Guaje Reservoir Trail from North Community to Guaje Ridge.
345. Framed, covered and painted a plywood partition that served as a brake between the main area and entrances to the rest rooms. The partition doubled as a storage area.
346. Helped establish a library for the day care center. Repaired, organized and cataloged approximately 700 books the preschool had acquired.
347. Improved a Forest Service trail from the Los Alamos Reservoir
348. Improved The Aspen School access trail to the old Homestead Trail was improved. This consisted of clearing and marking the trail and in some places, relocating the trail further from the backyards of homes on 34th St.
349. Improved the Blue Dot trail was improved by removing loose gravel; installing steps were needed and building erosion barriers. A trailhead sign was built and installed.
350. Improved the upper portions of a trail from Los Alamos Reservoir to the Quemazon Trail
351. Improved the volleyball court area by landscaping, cleaning the area itself and building a picnic table and bench.
352. Improved trail by installing water bars, reducing the slope of a rocky portion of the path, and trimming branches on a trail from the 37th St. play lot to the bottom of Pueblo Canyon.
353. Installed 320 ft. of PVC pipe and 15 sprinklers to enlarge the coverage of the existing sprinkler system.
354. Installed and repaired playground equipment at the Montessori School located at the United Church.
355. Installed approximately 200 feet of PVC pipe with bubblers, emitters and sprinklers to irrigate an area west of the library's main entrance.
356. Installed gate across road, affixed appropriate warning signs to the gate, constructed two drainage dips, trenched and drained two low areas and installed warning sign about gate ahead.
357. Installed log benches at Camp May amphitheater
358. Installed over 80 check dams and water bars along 6 sections (about 2 miles) of the Pajarito Trail north of the Sportsman Club.
359. Installed pea-gravel paths between playground equipment. This included digging out the paths so that after the installation of 2x6" edging strips, the paths were level with the ground. The excess dirt removed from the pathways was used to level other areas on the playground.
360. Installed three pieces of playground equipment and placed protective wood chips under equipment to reduce the possibility of injury to children using the equipment.
361. Installed two benches in front of Aspen School and landscaped two areas near the school.
362. Installed water bars to prevent erosion and poles to restrict illegal motor vehicle entry into Water Canyon.
363. Insulated 1500 sq. ft. of attic space at the church
364. Inventoried Church property and prepared a record of the property.
365. Landscaped a paved area by placing oak barrels as planters and planting flowers in them
366. Landscaped about 200 feet of the edge of Rover Park in White Rock next to the homeowner's side. Installed 2x6" edging, weed barrier and covered a 3-ft. wide area with bark. Planted seven trees and installed a soaker-hose irrigation system in the area where the trees were planted.
367. Landscaped an area in front of the Mesa Public Library. Leveled, rototilled and seeded with xeroscape grasses. Installed a metal barrier around the seeded area.
368. Landscaped area around historic Romero cabin, which had been moved from Pajarito Road location to near Fuller Lodge. Expenses covered by a grant from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. give to youth for community improvement
369. Landscaped grounds at the Los Alamos Family Council.
370. Landscaped lower end of parking lot area at the new Family council building
371. Landscaped the front yard of the Nazarene Church parsonage.
372. Landscaped the playground
373. Landscaped two areas in front by clearing, leveling, graveling and placing a border of logs around each area
374. Located and installed logs for 27 benches at the amphitheater at Camp May
375. Made general-purpose booths for Los Alamos County.
376. Made improvements at Bandolier to reduce soil erosion, make environmental improvements and general maintenance and clean-up at Juniper Campground
377. Made improvements to Overlook Park Blue Dot trail.
378. Made improvements to the Los Alamos Ice Rink by building a Plexiglas shield for the scoreboard and building stairs with a rail to the photographer's platform.
379. Made improvements to the Los Alamos par course.
380. Made landing for the geo-dome at school.
381. Made signs for the Bookstore and information signs for both inside and outside the buildings.
382. Marked and improved a 100-yard section of an existing trail along the canyon rim in White Rock. A new 100-yard section was then built to connect to an existing trail.
383. Marked and packed library books to be transferred to other schools with closing of Mesa School.
384. Marked, identified and cataloged LAVN equipment and moved the equipment to shelves he constructed in the basement of the Los Alamos Medical Center
385. Moved church furniture into new building.
386. Moved the old par course from the Fuller Lodge area and install it around the Barranca Mesa School playground.
387. Obtained unused telephone poles from the County and used them to replace rotted and splintered stepping logs on playground
388. Organized a garage sale to raise money to buy material for bookshelves built for the Senior Center.
389. Organized Cub program for deaf Scouts.
390. Organized merit badge counselor list for Los Alamos District.
391. Organized the prop storage area at Civic Auditorium by dismantling un-needed props, inventorying the contents, and mapping and painting lines on floor for aisles and fire routes.
392. Painted and restored stations, set sign for one station in concrete and restored trails between stations.
393. Painted Fellowship Hall at the Church
394. Painted five classrooms at the Jewish Center.
395. Painted garage door and porch chairs, removed Chinese Elms, graveled area around flagpole and built a compost bin.
396. Painted home of a senior citizen.
397. Painted inside of Fellowship Hall at the Church.
398. Painted outside of Fellowship Hall.
399. Painted St. Joseph's Hall in White Rock.
400. Painted walls in old kindergarten rooms that were being converted to the branch's office and library
401. Performed social trail obliteration, check dam installation and renovation at the Tyuonyi Ruin.
402. Performed trail maintenance and improvements to Pajarito Trail including: installed water and fill bars, rerouted a steep section prone to erosion, and covered an older unused section of trail.
403. Placed bark around area with rosebushes, added additional rock to an existing and a new area, and placed plastic and rock in a third area.
404. Planned (location, schedule of events, transportation, menu, attendance fee, etc.) and supervised the annual Order of the Arrow Webelos Day.
405. Planned and improved parts of La Senda Park Trail by lining the trail with rocks and boulders brought for Overlook Park. Stairs were built at the head of the trail
406. Planted 1100 trees in burned areas of Los Alamos District.
407. Planted about 2.5 acres of a burned site with Ponderosa pine above S-Site
408. Planted trees and bushes along 160 feet of fence.
409. Prepared a tour guide pamphlet for the area around the Historical Museum. Installed markers where needed.
410. Prepared ground and planted buffalo grass on church property next to Trinity drive.
411. Prepared the exterior of Casa Mesita girls home for insulation and stucco; painted the kitchen.
412. Primed and painted steel sheeting on sides, cleaned up the backstop area, painted backstop and repainted firing lines on floor.
413. Pruned and did gardening work on an 880 foot strip of Russian olives, five flowering crab apple trees and 3389 sq. ft. of juniper and flower gardens. Remove eight deciduous trees that have died and prepared area for planting replacements.
414. Rearrange fence boundary, build six dog kennels and clean up of surrounding area.
415. Rebuilt and replaced logs for a playground area
416. Redefined and rebuilt a 1.5 mile long segment of the White Rock Canyon Rim Trail along Pajarito Canyon.
417. Refinished and reupholstered a dozen chairs.
418. Refinished and reupholstered furniture.
419. Refurbished trail to Camp Hamilton
420. Remove 32 old picnic tables and assemble new tables to replace them.
421. Remove rows of juniper, covered area with plastic and planted zeroscape plants. Did spring yard cleanup including raking of pine needles and leaves.
422. Removed a burned out building and litter from a lot at Totavi on Pueblo land.
423. Removed a deep rut from a portion of the Burnt Mesa Road by covering with dead junipers cut from the immediate area.
424. Removed and stacked burnable slash along Guaje Road
425. Removed approximately 50 stumps from the pathway for a new trail connecting Orange Street and Canyon Road through Acid Canyon. The stumps were either removed or cut off below ground level.
426. Removed dirt and grass from along sidewalks and replaced with wood chip filler within a frame to prevent water and mud from washing onto sidewalks.
427. Renovated Casa Mesita Thrift Shop.
428. Renovation project at Camp May amphitheater consisting of repair work, replacing old trash cans and general carpentry and masonry work at the site
429. Repair a 150 ft. long x 2 ft deep rut in the trail leading from the stables to Bayo Canyon. Drainpipes were installed and logs placed to control water flow.
430. Repaired an area of asphalt playground by filling holes and repainting maps of the United States and the World. While repainting the maps, errors were corrected and the locations and names of state and national capitals were added.
431. Repaired several miles of the Guaje Ridge Trail.
432. Repaired volleyball court by improving drainage and establishing boundaries; filled washes around swing set and slide to improve safety.
433. Replaced an old, eroded trail with a new one that provided a better view of the canyon. Included erosion control and built a bench from trees removed from the trail.
434. Replaced gravel around play fort, raked and sifted existing sand on volleyball court, and added four new benches by volleyball court.
435. Replaced sand around tot-lot toys, repainted play structures and fence, and filled in to eliminate safety hazards. Repaired and repainted par course stations and redid map to reflect current course layout.
436. Re-roofed a storage shed and landscaped an area at the First Methodist Church of White Rock
437. Reseeded about 200 acres in the Graduation Flats area of the Santa Fe National Forest.
438. Restored on quarter-mile segment of the old Highway 57 entrance roadbed to pre-road conditions. Installed erosion controls and prepared soil for planting and planted with seeds of native plants.
439. Reupholstered furniture for Los Alamos Senior Citizens.
440. Revegitation, erosion control, and obliteration of a 1.25 mi. section of an old road previously used for the fire lookout and excavation purposes.
441. Sealed and painted an addition to the Church
442. Selected, ordered and installed five pieces of playground equipment. Covered ground area with wood chips.
443. Slash gathering at a fuel break.
444. Stacked slash at a fuel break.
445. Striped parking lot and built shelves. 446. Supervised the painting of a mural on a 10' x 30' wall in a converted warehouse used to construct and modify wheelchairs.
447. Tables and chairs were stenciled with the church name and a sports closet was cleaned and new shelves installed and painted.
448. Ten trees and ten Gamble Oak shrubs were planted at the Betty Ehart Senior Center. Four-foot diameter by 3-foot deep holes was dug, filled with good soil and the trees planted. Smaller holes were dug for the shrubs.
449. The Bayo Canyon trail was cleared, cleaned and leveled at the entrance on Dos Brazos. Signposts at the ends and along the trail were secured by cementing the bases.
450. The Homestead Trail was improved by directing the drainage of water from the trail, removing branches that obstruct the trail and a fallen tree, picking up trash and removing boulders that obstruct the trail.
451. The horse corrals at Pecos National Historical Park, which were donated by the Greer Garson ranch, were repaired (nails driven in or replaced) and painted.
452. The project involved placing weed barrier and river rock in a drainage ditch prepared by the Scouts to prevent erosion next along the east side of the Mesa Public Library.
453. The trail form East Park to Graduation Canyon was improved by replacing old wood steps, building new steps, building erosion bars and providing a means to safely get over a boulder at the start of the trail.
454. Built twelve bookcases, held book drive to fill shelves and obtained mini-blinds for recreation room at rehabilitation center.
455. Built 30' retaining walls with native rocks to control erosion and waterbar for same purpose on trail in mountain preserve.
456. Printed a pamphlet on conserving energy in the home and distributed to 10,000 homes.
457. Cleaned and organized large storage building for zoo.
458. Collected cleaned and repaired 2,272 used science books from four schools and found organizations that could use them.
459. Constructed fifteen mechanical safety belt demonstrators for department of public safety.
460. Refurbished home for church to be used by homeless family.
461. Restored refrigerated boxcar for railway museum,
462. Refinished and refurbished piano used by high school choir.
463. Built and assembled weaving loom for senior citizens' home.
464. Initiated and completed two mile nature trail exhibiting over 75 different types of trees, plants and some wildlife. In addition, a dozen birdhouses were constructed to use as a sanctuary over winter and nesting seasons.
465. Compiled listing of practical everyday ways average household can cut pollution and keep environment clean without elaborate or expensive preparation. Distributed to approximately 3,000 homes.
466. Recorded Sunday morning services and had tapes ready to carry to shut-ins in church's membership. Tapes were catalogued for reuse. 467. Designed and built outdoor chapel for church.
468. Built electrically operated game board to teach Bible facts to children at church.
469. Rejuvenated cemetery by cleaning grounds, refurbishing headstones and locating graves. Documented approximately 300 buried there and secured cemetery's inclusion in state historical directory.
470. Made Braille games for blind school students. Included handmade game boards, playing pieces, etc., that could be identified by touch.
471. Made insect collection for school of children with disabilities by collecting, identifying and giving location of where insects could be found and constructing glass case 10 keep them in.
472. Reviewed and interpreted approximately 50 filmstrips, catalogued them and revised filing system. Constructed storage facility for films, strips and recordings.
473. Built storage bins for nursery schools.
474. Constructed six mobile, wooden planters, approximately 6'x20"x2', for use by children confined to wheelchairs at Shriner's Hospital.
475. Installed bench for resting place for joggers, cleared away brush and overgrowth blocking scenic view and installed three posts to keep off-road vehicles from further ruining the area.
476. Inventoried all church property, transferred inventory to computer catalogue, marked each piece of property with catalogue number and secret mark and made video log, including commentary, showing each piece with its number and mark.
477. Made and posted warning signs and location markers on trail for hikers, dug irrigation ditches and laid rock and logs to route stagnant water off trail and into river, installed terracing steps made of flat boards and installed rope handrails to help ensure safety of hikers.
478. Financed repaired and painted community building.
479. Constructed footbridge linking school and homes.
480. Organized blood drive for blood bank.
481. Built reading loft for kindergarten class freeing up valuable floor space.
482. Cleared trash and debris along a busy state highway.
483. Removed gravel border along both sides of 60' walk causing potential hazards to elderly walkers at church and replaced with fill and sod.
484. Assisted with movement from old to new church sanctuary, including hymnals, Bibles, supplies, furnishings, carpeting and organ followed by pick up/cleanup.
485. Built clothes racks for Christmas Benevolence program, providing place to store coats and other donated clothing items until distribution.
486. Canvassed and recorded placement of smoke detectors in 20-block neighborhood, distributed literature demonstrating need, requirement for placement and need to maintain fresh batteries and reported results to fire department.
487. Organized sorting and moving of 346 cases of food from local church to Red Cross.
488. Removed seven trees and brush and cleared area for Red Cross building project. Cut up trees and delivered wood to those in need for heating their homes.
489. Developed Clothes Away by collecting and sorting 5,000 pounds of clothing and giving it away to 300 families at National Guard Armory.
490. Landscaped Red Cross chapter house in preparation for open house.
491. Designed and constructed 3' x 5' Capital Campaign Plaque for contributors to construction of Red Cross addition.
492. Developed clothing, food and toy giveaway for Christmas. Distributed food to 641 families, toys to 441 families and clothing to 395 families in county.
493. Built new disaster room for Red Cross by making 300 hygiene kits and made available supplies such as cups, coffee pots, beverage carriers and food transporters. (Note: Thirty days after completion, a disaster forced 365 families out of their homes and all went well because of the preparations.)
494. Researched and laid out historical hike around city in cooperation with historical society.
495. Laid out and built outdoor environment and nature study course with assistance of educational naturalist.
496. Leveled and repaired twenty fitness stations in cooperation with parks and recreation division.
497. Designed, built and installed two map signs identifying ball diamonds and playing fields at sports complex.
498. Placed brick memorial and landscaped site in honor of tornado victims. Planted 75 trees and 200 bushes along with cement walk and three flagpoles.
499. Plowed and cultivated garden area for use by nursing home patients. Secured and donated basic equipment needs.
500. Removed 85 steel fence posts from along a trail in back of the Aquatic Center. After the County cut the poles, the poles were hauled to the parking lot of the Aquatic Center. The remaining pole lengths were cleared to the concrete base so that the County could cut the steel poles flush with the cement; the cement base was then covered with dirt.